Are There Health Benefits To Receiving an Erotic Massage?

health benefits of erotic massage

Are There Health Benefits To Receiving an Erotic Massage?

Why yes there are. We all get a bit too caught up in classifying things into evaluated categories. This is more meaningful than this because it is purer. Organic stuff is better than run of the mill food. Sex with someone you love, or are supposed to anyway, is heaps better than sex with someone you might be paying. But is it really? An erotic massage is sensual and a climactic relief, if you get there, whether the person giving it is a lover, acquaintance or a stranger. In fact, many people get off more intensely with strangers, as they feel less inhibited with people they don’t know.

Massage, the art of being touched, is a sensual experience for most people. It can also be therapeutic in a muscular way, with the trained physiotherapist or body worker. The therapeutic masseuse or masseur is unlikely to touch your genitals, well, not very much anyway. The erotic massage may find its way to your erogenous hot spots and may, for a little extra cash, take you to the mountain top. Orgasm is a release and there are definite health benefits to coming or cuming.

Doctors tell men that it is better to ejaculate frequently, a few times a week, rather than let it all build up, for the avoidance of prostate cancer. Organs are meant to be used; use them or you lose them. Sex is a wonderful experience and having good sex is a real pleasure; it makes you feel alive and in the moment. All those nerve endings and sensory stuff are there for a reason; making love is an essential part of your wellbeing. Living inside your body rather than just inside your mind is a healthier way of living. Natural health is dripping with sex.

Remedial massage and erotic massage both have health benefits to offer. Being touched is an important aspect of socialisation. Going on Facebook is not going to get it done. Looking at pixels on a screen is not going to touch your heart. Feeling skin on skin, being breath to breath, and loving another is going to take you places that computers can’t reach. People are afraid of diseases and heart aches, broken hearts and promises, and shared investments going south. Limiting your contact with people to online social activities will not ultimately bring you happiness. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

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