Discover Your Turn-On Zones: Erogenous Regions of the Body

erogenous regions of body

Discover Your Turn-On Zones: Erogenous Regions of the Body

In our stressed out modern lives every human being needs a little love, affection and attention – so what’s better than to explore the options available by knowing the most sensitive regions of your body a little better than you might know them. Gathering yourself a degree in the delectable parts of the human anatomy can greatly enhance the love options between you and your partner or maybe even between you and a random stranger who is eager to impress by taking you to the highest points of human ecstasy via symphonies of your skin.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way all the way to the top – the crown chakra as a final higher point of bliss – because after all enabling yourself to enter the permanent present is the ultimate therapy to a life compounded by brutal capitalism in all its myriad horrors.

Firstly then the feet or even more tenderly the toes, also known as the tootsies, those special spots which are a sensitive combination of skin, sinew, muscle, bones and nerve endings at their most edgy. It’s clear to even the most detached fool that a massage of the toes whether soft or firm gives great relaxation and relief. Stretching them back or forth can help calm the mind even from this outer region of the human body.

It is said by reflexologists that the feet are connected to every part of the human body and it is only appropriate therefore that an hour of reflexology every week will help you with anti-ageing. It’s worth living longer if your time is spent getting foot massages, we believe. Whether you are male, female, transgender, gay, lesbian, cross-dressing, bisexual, polyamorous or even plain old asexual, you can derive tremendous peace of mind by having your feet massaged whether via a Thai masseur, Swedish, Chinese massage expert or even an aromatherapist.

A good massage therapist will always go beyond the call of duty and therefore you might expect them to move upwards of the feet towards the ankles. Now there’s a part of the human body which suffers great stress especially if you’re a tall person or quite fat. If you’re very fat and very tall the stress could well be even greater than most of us could imagine. Pressure points abound throughout the feet and it is recommended you research reflexology charts to get a full education on the wonders of your often maligned sweaty shoe-constricted parts of your beautiful body.

Anyway let’s skip up the shins for now onto the knees. Amazingly this part of the human body is highly suggestive when it comes to decent massage treatment and we highly recommend a knee massage as an absolute step up to paradise. Above the knees we now move into the upper leg area. Where the legs join the groin region is a highly erogenous zone which benefits greatly from a dose of lymphatic drainage. It’s wise to find a massage therapist who is well versed in the pleasures and pains of this sexy region of the human body.

Of course all around the groin region are thousands of nerves designed by the great goddess in the sky to encourage actions towards fertility. Watch woman doesn’t love the lapping or licking of her labia in order to facilitate juices warm and musty ready to receive the flow of male semen towards her willing pregnable eggs?

And there as the crown chakra of her vagina a happy male masseur will find the clitoris – magnificent, pulsating, femininely bulbous and hyper-sensitive the clitoris is the ultimate joy for most women especially young nubile virginal types who have not yet discovered the deep multi-orgasmic possibilities of the G-spot. Whether on the beach, on a hillside, on the backseat of your car or even while cooking dinner a quick erotic massage between couples even if just for a few seconds, a minute or two can add great excitement and arousal to your love life.

Some couples may use the modality of erotic massage to enhance their sex life in so far as it opens up new avenues of exploration and enables them to experience a much more vibrant and vital sexual interaction. Life is short dear friends and even if just like life you are also short, you can love life a long time through erotic massage of the erogenous zones of your body and of course of your partner’s body.

The cock and balls are for most men the fulcrum of their sexual interests and therefore this bias, while sometimes disappointing to women who view the entire human body as an erogenous zone, nevertheless the opposite of a ladies man the man’s lady will display great fascination and pride in fulfilling every millimetre of a man’s manhood to make magnificent his masculinity in ways that leave him breathless, happy, excited and of course, as the cliche goes on this website and many others, in a heightened physical state where his toes curl.

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