Can an Erotic Massage Parlour Ever Become a Fully-Licensed Brothel?

brothel vs erotic massage parlour

Can an Erotic Massage Parlour Ever Become a Fully-Licensed Brothel?

It seems like a simple and obvious transition from erotic massage to organized brothel. But there is a lot of red tape surrounding the sex industry in Australia. Not only that, but the law also varies from state to state meaning different rules and regulations on what’s legal and what’s not.

In a massage parlour that offers erotic massage, it is up to the discretion of the parlour and the masseuse themselves as to what kind of sexual experience they will offer. If there is a group of people in one establishment offering sexual acts in exchange for money, gifts, or favours, then you could be toeing the line of what’s legal and what is not, depending on your location.

Brothel Vs Erotic Massage Parlour in Different States

In Queensland, massage parlour prostitution is illegal, but brothels are within the law. To become a licensed brothel, there are forms and fees to consider. There are also several different disqualifying offenses and features that could prevent the license from being approved. The applicant is also judged on his or her character and responsibility before the license is approved. There are also strict standards and regulations for advertisements for sex work.

In New South Wales prostitution has been decriminalised, meaning brothels are treated like any other business and come under the discretion of local councils. Sex work is legal except for some activities, including child prostitution. All sex workers and clients have to be 18 years or older.

South Australia has some of the more strict sex laws in Australia. Commercial sex itself is not illegal, but there are a lot of restrictions as to how it can be conducted, and brothels are not legal. For example, a client’s home could and would never be considered a brothel; however a sex worker’s home could possibly be labelled as one even if the private sex worker is the only one working from that location. An erotic massage therapist would have to be much more careful and informed of the strict sex laws here to stay within them.

In the Australian Capital Territory, sex work is decriminalised and legal. Every brothel must be registered as well as every prostitute. Although an erotic massage really is more than prostitution, each erotic masseuse must register themselves because they are performing sex acts for clients.

In Western Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory, brothels are illegal, meaning massage parlours could not legally become a brothel.

Sometimes the line between an erotic massage parlour and a brothel is very thin. It often depends on the laws of the state in which they are in. Where brothels and the sex industry have been decriminalised and made legal, theoretically an erotic massage parlour could easily become a fully-licensed brothel provided the manager and licensee has no disqualifying factors. As always, it is best to know the laws in your area and seek out professional legal help if necessary.

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