Seduction – Step by Step Guide

seduction 101

Seduction – Step by Step Guide

Seduction can be an effective tool to entice someone to get what you want through persuasion and temptation. It can either be of a positive nature or negative. Most people tend to flirt with others to get what they want. But using seduction as a tool to get what you want takes more discipline and experience. Once you perfect your seduction skills, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

The following are useful seduction techniques and steps you can take to get the person you want under the palm of your hand:

Seduction 101

Approach your prey indirectly – You shouldn’t approach this person directly. Don’t go in their face and introduce yourself. You must make this person aware of you on their own terms while you’re actually the one pulling the strings. After they notice you, you can present yourself as just a friend that they can count on and feel comfortable around. Once they get their guard down and feel secure around you, then you can strike your prey.

Be patient with your prey – You need to study this person, what they like, what they need, what their desires are, etc. Be the one that fills their void, fulfils their desires, someone they can’t even imagine to live without. But you definitely need time to study them.

Mixed signals go hand in hand with seduction – You need to be interesting to them. Show every single different side of your personality to keep them intrigued. Fascinate them with your aura and charm, you can express polar opposite characteristics (not anything crazy though) to keep them wanting to know you more.

Stir the pot a little – Most people only want something when they can’t have it. So when you’re seducing someone, create a sense of a potential love triangle. Make that person think there’s someone who wants you and that you might be interested too. Once they figure out that you might be out of reach sooner rather than later, they might just snatch you up as soon as possible. A particular line comes to mind, “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it”. But in this case, not a ring but a successful seduction play.

Adapt and impress – Most people respond and relate better to other people with similar interests. So find out what they like and what they dislike and adapt yourself to those preferences.

Temptation through pleasure – Show your prey the kind of pleasures they’d be experiencing if they are around you. Find out their deepest desires, things they fantasise about and show them they’re all possible if they’re with you. Ambiguously let them know that you can lead them to those desires. You must stimulate their curiosity for your seduction to work.

Seduction through suspense – Keep them interested by creating suspense through calculated surprises. Be spontaneous. Don’t let them suspect anything and show them the thrill of these delightful surprises. Make sure you’re in control at all times.

Use your words – Let them listen to what they want to hear. Flatter them, comfort them, make them feel good about themselves with compliments and sweet words. Not only will they love listening to you, they’ll be looking forward to talking to you more. It will be hard for them to resist you.

Be patient and subtle – In Hollywood movies, people fall in love when the suitor makes grand gestures. But when you’re seducing someone, subtle moves are always better. Be alert of what they say and what they desire and then surprise them with thoughtful gifts that only you would pick up from their musings. These subtle gestures can be more charming than a grand gesture like a string quartet.

Dreams into reality – A lot of people spend a lot of their time daydreaming about adventure and a life full of wonder. Find out what they are, find out what their secret wishes are and make them think that they can have it all through you.

Show them you’re there for them – Make some self-sacrificing gestures and prove them that you would go to lengths to make them happy. They’ll think you truly care for them and these efforts will help you win them over.

Give them space – After your pursuits, take a step back and give them space. They’ll start to miss your presence and they’ll come after you then. Of course you still need to make sure you’re still in control of the situation, while making them believe this is all their own doing.

Use more sex appeal – Lure your prey into lust with subtle gestures and appearance that ooze sex and desire. Make your sexual presence known and get under their skin. Don’t make it look forced.

And when the times comes, your prey desires you, longs for your touch but is scared to admit it or make the first move, you pounce. Make a bold move. They may not expect it but they will be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by your charms, they won’t resist anymore.

Congratulations. You have successfully seduced your victim.

Inspired by Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction

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