Tantric Reiki: Is The Motionless Orgasm Possible?

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Tantric Reiki: Is The Motionless Orgasm Possible?

It’s a bit like the sound of one hand clapping. Can you whip up an orgasm without any rhythm? Tantric Reiki is the release of sexual energy without touching or moving the pelvic region. Orgasm by the force of intention alone. There are women who sustain up to ninety orgasms an hour without even trying; bitches. But they call this a sexual disorder; and we all know that if you binge out on something it becomes a bit passé after a while. Orgasms are special by their very rare nature and the climbing a mountain to reach its peak analogy wouldn’t be particularly apt if you were having an orgasm every sixty seconds. Would it?

Tantric reiki on the other hand is a strict discipline and must be practiced daily to perfect its spiritual applications. Reiki is a healing modality, for those who do not already know, and can be performed over long distances. The patient and the reiki master can even be in different countries during the healing process. Reiki reaches out through the cosmic ether and crosses great oceans to heal. Aint no mountain high enough to keep my healing energy from you.

Developed by a Japanese gentleman, a Dr Mikao Usui, he was not a medical doctor but had earned a doctorate of theology from the University of Chicago. Reiki is a spiritual practice and not in any way rooted in the physical body. There is a great deal of disagreement between various schools of reiki around the world, with a number of them claiming to be the ‘one true way’. Religious differences are often at the source of these competing claims for reiki authenticity. Reiki was, apparently, obtained from the Buddhist book Tantra of the Lightning Flash, but Usui also was inspired by the Christian story of Jesus Christ, who is credited with being a miraculous healer.

Was that tantric lightning flash an actual orgasm? Tantric reiki: is the motionless orgasm possible? Relax don’t do it, let yourself come. Could this too be a secret message encoded in a pop song from the nineteen eighties? Is enlightenment itself orgasmic? What is absolute pleasure? Does it even exist or is it more spiritual mumbo jumbo to suck the gullible in? What different people understand certain words to mean varies enormously across cultures and generations; let alone the millennia which separates the Axial Age from the twenty first century.

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